Difference Between Web1.0, Web2.0 And Web3.0

After the invention of World Wide Web the idea behind the technology has been absolutely changed. It opens the new way to see the world through internet. It makes our day to day life easier in all around. We can easily operate our business globally. We can join a MNC and able to work from home easily.
Web1.0: In the beginning of web the information published in a static form well designed with the text and images. The main features of web w.1.0 are hyper-linking and bookmarking of the web pages. There are some design elements of web 1.0
HTML based Static page.
It consists of framesets.
Online guestbook.
HTML form sent through email.

The term Web2.0 was first introduced by OReilly during the brainstorming discussion MediaLive International. The information available in this form is quite different from the past web1.0. It began in 2002 with new ideas to exchange as well as share the content such as Wiki, Weblogs, Widgets, and Tagging etc.
Key difference between web1.0 and web2.0

In Web 1.0 it is only for read. But in web2.0 you can express yourself by writing.
The former was only for corporate bodies. And the later is about you and your communities.
In web.20 you not only interact with site and webmaster you can also communicate with others who access that website.
Web 1.0 was the age of one and only language i.e. HTML web 2.0 is the field of XML.
While web1.0 was depended on advertising, web 2.0 has been popularized by word of mouth.
Previously was meant for website but web 2.0 is not for site it is also about blogs.
In Web 1.0 there was nothing to exchange. Everything was about one way. Through the emergence of web 2.0 you can exchange your thoughts with other and easily converse with them.
The Web 3.0 could be defined as semantic web, personalization like iGoogle, My Yahoo etc.
The semantic web is a more developed extension of WWW. Wit the help of this technology the web content can be conveyed not only in form of natural language, but also be readable by software agent which letting them to locate, share and assemble information more easily. The concept comes out from Sir Tim Berners-Lee the director of W3C with the vision to make the web medium for exchanging the data, information knowledge.
Other features of web 3.0
It will be more portable and personal.
More focused on the preferences of individuals (Me-onomy)
Advertising oriented.
Widgets with drag and drop facilities.
Dynamic content.
User behavior, user engagement etc.
Though this technology not yet capture the whole web world. It has been spreading out slowly. Some big online business houses have started to follow the standard of web 3.0 few of them are spoke.com, twine.com, wink.com. mybloglog.com, friendfeed.com etc.
Some significant features of web 2.0 technology
Clean and Simple design
Number of columns is few.
Simple navigation which is fixed in every pages of the site.
Central layout

Web Development Company for Magnificent Websites

You can trust and rely on the best web development company to come up with a magnificent website that will be able to deliver your expectations and help you achieve your goals. Website development is a tricky affair and it requires to be handled by web Development Company who are dedicated in what they are doing. As you might know, a website is a very important tool that you will require for marketing your business. It thus important that you have a professional website developed that is in line with your business ideas and objectives. An existing website can also be revamped and be redesigned to give it the much needed traffic. So if you have a website that is underperforming, you can trust these web developers to redesign incorporating the use of search engine optimization. This will ensure your search results appear among the top on the search engine results. A web development company provides you with some of the following essential services.

Website design Website development E-commerce services related to your business Mobile web design and implementation Bulk SMS services for your business Mobile applications development Audio and video streaming among other essential services.

You can get a reliable and trustworthy web design company Singapore for designing and developing your website. They offer individual and corporate web design and development by utilizing latest technology. The services that these reputed web design company Singapore offers are tailor made to suite your demands. This makes it possible to come up with a professional custom built website that will help you have a heavy presence on the web. The website that will be design for you will be able to deliver the expected results. This is possible because web design company Singapore makes use of competent and experienced web developers who are well versed with the current technologies in use in the web industry. The website is designed in such a way that it will be able to get traffic naturally. This is achieved by making use of search engine optimization technology.

Web hosting company help your website get natural traffic from the major search engines. These search engines are the likes of Google, Yahoo, and Bing to mention but a few. With traffic coming from the top search engines, you are guaranteed to get a lot of traffic and that means you will be able to meet your expected goals. After initial design, Web hosting company will ensure your website is well hosted. Once hosted, your website will now be available through the World Wide Web and will now be accessible by your potential customers. One thing that you are assured by Web hosting company is fast and reliable connection when accessing your website.

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Benefits Of Hiring Web Design Service

Web design service plays an imperative role in every business objective aiming to reach to target audience globally and generate potential leads. A professional web design company not only specializes in building an impressive and a user friendly website but also undertakes the task of promoting it on the World Wide Web successfully.

A specialized web development company serves businesses of varied sectors in many ways. Some of the major services offered by a website agency include:

-Logo design
-Graphic design
-Website hosting
-Inventory management
-E-commerce solutions
-Regular website maintenance
-Customized programming
-Employee management system
-Flash design
-Website development
-Database design
-Online marketing
-Web application development

Hiring skilled web designs service is the foremost step towards positioning your business forth in the World Wide Web. An added benefit of taking the services is that according to your specifications and exact requirements, your website will be created so that your online objectives are met productively. A web design service provider can also assists you in making corporate multimedia presentation.

The main purpose of hiring web design services from expert developers is that they work to build online presence of your brand and make it noticeable among targeted audience.

If you are introducing a novel website or attempting to renew the ex site for enhanced client coverage, nothing can be better than obtaining proficiently excelled web services. A niche web site design provider will always initially talk about your business, needs and clients instead of site service catalogue.

Although, you may have to search a little bit for finding the best web design service provider, you can avail references from the search engine results where reliable companies are listed online.

Quality Web design service

Usually, the companies like to upgrade the previous site rather than totally making a novel website, since it is inexpensive and simple to do. At present, the sites are made taking into account the wants of the users as well as the kind of web presentation and information that would impress the users.

Few essential points are pondered upon prior to creating web design online, such as the sites do not have to be off-putting, the content or the material is inaccessible by the disabled users, the users are able to seek the desired information within 1-2 clicks, the website visitors must be aware that they are within your site that can be attained via website map and superior navigational facilities. Additionally, they must be capable of reverting back to the home or the main page simply through a click.

For affordable yet quality web site design services, you can always look upon web design and development company in Delhi, India. Search for the website design outsourcing company on web, you will find list of professional IT companies in India who offers professional services. India has become favorite destination for outsourcing web development and other IT related work. New Delhi, capital of India is leading with growing lists of outsourcing companies. You can find the web developers in India hold proficiency in all areas of website development and promotion, including web hosting, multimedia, software development and e-commerce services. You can find the firms offering customized services to meet different requirements of varied businesses at best prices.

Online Multiplayer Games Are Adrenaline Rushing And Enticing For Folks Of All Age Groups

The volume of estimating the actual amount of exhilaration can never be realistically found within the balance or grading series most especially when an online computer games enthusiast is concerned. In todays epochs, populaces from all over the globe are witnessed playing online video games hooked to their computer monitors for hours at stretch. This is not at all a fragile and eliminating aspect as most people point out it to be, on the contrary online multiplayer games and online rpg games can actually assist populace of al age group to hone up certain skills and no to mention provide a fantastic pass time and leisure activity.

It is not only the modest young children and the teenagers that are hooked on to these mmorpg online games, you will also find a lot of grown ups who swear by the enticement that the mmorpg games provide. The growing popularity of these online multiplayer games such as call of duty online, steam games, etc. will surely sweep you off your feet. You will also be astonished by the sheer varieties of games; some of the most sough after mmorpg games are: – battlefield 3, homefront, test drive unlimited 2, bulletstorm uncut, fears 3, dead space 2, Diablo 3, and a lot more.

What is the most enticing part is that unlike computer opponents, online multiplayer games have real people playing against you, which make their moves pretty unpredictable and hence the excitement in the game escalates to higher levels. You can either visit an online game store on the World Wide Web or opt to download online games online. Yet another advantage of the online rpg games is that they do not necessitate to be upgraded once in a while and if you have a laptop, you can play it virtually anytime and anywhere.

But let me exercise a word of caution, the online multiplayer games can be addictive at times and it should not surprise you if you find yourself hooked on to the computer screen for hours together. And you will never ever feel a monotonic mood or sense of boredom when you play these online video games. The unpredictability factor of these games makes them more enticing and tantalizing. Not only will these games infuse adrenaline into your veins, but also proffer you with an opportunity to socialize with players sitting thousand of miles apart from you.

The best place to search for these games is the internet. The high quality graphics and awe inspiring sound of these games will also push you to the edge of your seats. This increasing trend of inclination towards online multiplayer games is a sign that populaces are looking forward to new games with new themes, state of the art weapons, new superpowers and a lot more. Folks also fight it out amid themselves to flaunt their names on the list of highest scorers on the internet sphere. You will be astonished to know the amount of effort people put in to topple highest scorers off the list.

Discover the Benefits of Web Hosting for Your Business

Internet has become an integral part of our lives and businesses cannot
imagine a single day without being connected. Web hosting is
essentially an important Internet technology that help businesses move
forward in different fields like product, service, information, or
research. The best service offers many features especially when you are
selling products online. You will also need to have a shopping cart
where people can place their orders and it will also entice them to
purchase more from your site. It’s crucial to find a reliable web
hosting in Australia.

Web hosting is basically a service that enables organizations and
individuals to make their websites accessible to others on Internet. A
lot of companies offer this service, who basically provide some space
and bandwidth to their client. You will find different types of plans
that could be beneficial for you but it is crucial that you know what
sort of plan you want that best suits your business. This will help
business owners to get the right plan and also select the best service

What are the Technical benefits of Internet hosting?

Online Presence-
First and the most obvious benefit is online presence, hosting allows
organizations and individuals make their website accessible via the
World Wide Web. By getting some space on a server and Internet
connectivity, you can reach millions. Web page and small-scale file
hosting allows you to upload files via File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

– For any website, security is the priority and especially to those who
sell down-loadable data. The best service offers added security and
there will be passwords and other significant features involved to
prevent your data from hackers. Server security covers spam filtering,
virus scanning, security audits, OS updates and software firewall

Storage and Database – The
storage requirements may vary from business to business and getting a
managed storage means outsourcing your needs to a managed service
provider. It helps you reduce the costs related to buying additional
storage space. Managing database demands for expertise and experience
and it is important to find the expertise.

– Businesses, small or large, cannot afford losing their important data
and therefore it is essential to have a process that keep an eye on
your data. With backup services, business owners can have peace of mind
that their data is safe and they can access it as and when required.
Your hosting provider has resources to deal with such scenarios.

What are the Business benefits of Internet hosting?

Every business has different needs, and a one-size-fits-all plan cannot
meet the individual requirements. Nowadays, companies offer customized
solution to meet varied needs and an opportunity to negotiate to choose
the service that best fits your business. They make plans according to
your business needs and budget.

Saves Your Time and Money –
“Time is Money” – it is a fact. You cannot waste your entire day
managing servers as you have to pay attention to your core business. The
website hosting service providers will take care of your server
management, databases, storage and backups. But, it is crucial to find
an experienced web hosting Australia.

Costs Less – When you have
other things to manage, let your database and server managed by others.
They provide good services against a very reasonable amount of money
and it is often more feasible to hire a in-house hosting partner. Let
them handle all issues and you focus just on your core business and find
ways to expand it.

These are some of the remarkable benefits of
web hosting but you have to avail services from an authorized and
experienced provider. Finding a service provider that is inexpensive and
reliable can save you loads of money.

Online shopping sites How good is the option

It seems that nowadays everyone prefers to shop online. Whether you want to buy clothes, accessories, books, electronic gadgets, home appliances or want to avail some services like banking, technical support etc., there is only one answer – the Internet. Internet has become an integral part of our life and we can’t deny it. For every small or big thing we always look up to the World Wide Web. It is a storehouse of not only rich information but all that what we want in life. This has led to the increase in number of online shopping sites in UK and rest of the world.

Since the development of the Internet many things that were pretty hard to obtain have now become so simple and easy to access. Among the many advantages that the Internet gives us, shopping is definitely one major activity that many have become addicted to and why not it is so easy and fast. Shopping is a necessity for all of us, some of us enjoy it, and others just hate it. So for people who hate to go to shopping malls or to local area store, online shopping sites UK are really helping a lot. It makes the whole shopping process so simple and quick. One of my friends is a real CD freak, she loves to collect CDs but hate to go to the shopping mall. When she came to know about CD stores online, I still remember her expression. It was a big, wide Wow! Now she can easily do CD price comparison and shop all her favorite CDs with so much ease. If you also want to shop your favorite stuff, online sites are just so perfect.

While doing online shopping you can easily browse through many products at one fell swoop and can do narrow the research according to your requirement. You can easily search your favorite products online using different parameters like price, brands, product type etc. This simplifies the process and gives great comfort to the shopper. Furthermore, the internet is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you don’t need to worry about the time, you can do shopping on your own convenience. Online shopping sites in UK and other parts of the world follow almost the same standards. But before you choose your shopping destination, do check their security measures. Not all of them are safe!

If you plan to shop through online shopping sites in UK, first use a search engine to find best online shops, shortlist a few and then choose the one!

Social Media Resources

What is social media? Social Media Resources is a way for people to communicate and interact online. While it has been around since the dawn of the World Wide Web, in the last 10 years or so we’ve seen a surge in both the number and popularity of social media sites. It’s called social media because users engage with (and around) it in a social context, which can include conversations, commentary, and other user-generated annotations and engagement interactions. Publishing content has become exponentially simpler over the last several years, which has helped skyrocket the use of social media. Non-technical web users are now able to easily create content on a rapidly growing number of platforms, including those that are owned (hosted communities, blogs, etc.), rented (social networks or third-party communities), and occupied (commenting, contributing, etc.). Today’s web has shifted from a “one-to-many” to a “many-to-many” method of engagement, and we’re loving it. For businesses, the shift in web consumerism and accompanying rise in social media brings both opportunity and responsibility. The sheer amount of data that customers make available through social media alone has web marketers jumping for joy. The real magic, however, lies in the opportunity to grow lasting and scalable relationships with your organization’s customer base through social media. This is also where your online responsibility to your customers begins to take shape. Just as your customers’ behavior has shifted, so have their expectations for yours. Whether your business is listening and engaging or not, customers are having conversations relevant to your operations. It’s better to be part of the conversation, right? We sure think so!.

Flourish The Benefits of Web Hosting at a Cheaper Rate

Web hosting creates visibility to the website in the large sea of
World Wide Web. A Good web hosting goes a long way in the success of any

Website is used in the internet to promote business;
every company has its website for the purpose of reaching the target
customers. Web hosting is the process of creating a space for the
website in the internet server; this is done by many service providers
at a cost. There are various such service providers available, but there
is only few of who provide good service at a lower price.

Cheapest Hosting comes with a good package, along with web hosting,
website development through website builder tools and website templates
are provided, free domain name provided, Good bandwidth is given to the
website to withstand the visitors to the website, Great uptime for
accessing the website anytime is provided. What is the cheap hosting
other that $1 Web Hosting?

Most of all good customer service and
technical support are provided by the service providers, who support
the customer regarding the queries, they have on hosting, or website
building tools or technical queries and much more. Support is offered
through phone, chat options, tickets, emails and other comfortable

All these features can be availed at a cheaper rate without compromising on the quality.

There is no extra payment, no hidden charges and setup or installation
charges. Money back guarantee is also available so one can venture forth
without hesitating about wasting or losing money. $1 Web hosting is
also provided by many service providers, which has made web hosting
affordable and easy.

There are various more benefits which can
be obtained at a lower cost, for instance- Free control panel, Database
management, OS according to the need, web mail, email forwarding, email
account configuration, free installation of software and tools through
which the website can be designed.

Hosting is done with the latest technology and is updated and supported
accordingly by the service providers. Scripting, Database, data
transfer technologies like POP3, SMTP, Python, MySQL, PHP, IMAP are
offered which can be chosen according to the need.

Hosting plan can be chosen according to the requirement of the customer.
A company’s website may need more disk space, bandwidth; many email
accounts, a larger database, whereas an individual’s website may need
less options. The service providers work according to the customer’s
requirement and provide the best possible service according to the need.

Few websites may deal with secured transaction, for such
websites secured transaction is very important, in such a scenario
Dedicated IP, SSL certificates are provided.

Mail configuration
has several options like POP3 Accounts, Email Alias, mailing lists, spam
filters, IMAP support, auto responders and other features which are
provided to the customer for their particular need.

Thus, the
customer has to choose the best service provider and work with them to
get the right package to improve their business and reach greater
heights. There is no looking back once a best service provider is chosen
that satisfies all the needs at a cheaper rate, a good website hosting
service provider will make the business successful. In order to know
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Why We Need Ebook Formatting Services

With the growing technology more people are getting attracted towards digital versions of the books than managing the physical books. This has incredibly increased the demand of eBook Formatting Services. Publishing an eBook is a conventional way of publishing a book ; it is quicker and less costly. If one wants to have their books changed over in to one should require a professional eBook Formatting Services. Trying to publish your eBook without the help of a professional eBook architect could result in failure and great loss.

3 reasons for require a professional eBook formatting are :

1. Make Your eBook A Achiever : The main destination for any writer is to sell maximum of his eBooks. But to accomplish that goal there has to be something unique to make it shine from the other eBooks. For this only a professional eBook Conversion Services can let you. A well designed e cover which is well formatted will have a professional layout and will make your eBook look unique. eBook formatting is needed to help you to make an eBook that will appeal the major audience on the World Wide Web.

2. Prevent the customary formatting error : If you use a professional eBook Formatting Services, your eBook can prevent the most common formatting faults a person can do if he she is seeking to do their selves. Most commonly known errors that are able to avoided after hiring a professional person are :

a. Leaving blank pages in your eBook as some paragraphs indicate a page break.
b. Using undesirable spaces within the text.
c. Use of different styles and fonts that makes the book looks a garbled book.

There are group of faults you can overlook but these professional eBook Formatting Services will perform the task perfectly and wont leave a chance of single mistake.

3. Make your subscriber enjoy your eBook : Obviously for everybody who is writing for your readers you choose them to enjoy the book. The story of your eBook unable to be a question because being an author knowing your content. The professional eBook Formatting Services is going to make your readers satisfied by making it more readable.

Lets talk about some details one should keep in mind when taking for an eBook Formatting Services :

1. Experience : Check out for the experience your eBook Formatting Service providers are having. A renowned eBook Formatting Service will have a portfolio of their requirements to look through. Search for the body of the work they have done rather than a counting the quantity of years they have done work for. This will explain to you about the formatting service’s ability to introduce their thoughts with confidence and grace.

2. Expertness : Check over for the expert squad your eBook formatting Services are having. It should not appear like one-size fits all business. Ask their customers and see their piece of work only then finalize your eBook Formatting Services.

3. Exuberance : This special quality is made available from the best of eBook formatting companies. This quality will create a difference for a creative eBook design. Truly dedicated businesses firm will understand the requirement of your eBook and will give you the designs and formatting that will add value to your eBook.

It is really important to have an eBook Formatting Service received from a professional, to make sure that you are not presenting anything less than fine quality to your clients. If you are searching permanently and truly exceptional eBook Formatting Service providers then you should go for SunTec digital. They make suggestions on with the best and the latest eBook Conversion Services.

Factors that should be considered while choosing a social media agency

Social media marketing has turned out to be a highly effective business marketing strategy in recent times, and many business entrepreneurs are attempting to utilize its benefits. There are various social media agencies offering their social media marketing services in Sydney. However, choosing the best social media agency among them is not an easy task. It is only through proper market research and comparative analysis of the closest competitors would help you choose the best company offering social media solutions. After choosing a company, you need to talk to a social media consultant who would provide you with effective suggestions about how to use the social media benefits to improve the scope of your business.

If you are scouring the World Wide Web while searching for a trustworthy social media agency in Sydney, you should take into account different factors and finally choose the service-provider that you find to be most suitable for you. Here are a few tips that may help you chose the right social media agency:

Portfolio: You should thoroughly examine the portfolio of the agency. Make sure that the firm is there in the social media world for a number of years and has successfully completed many projects in the past. You can refer to the client testimonials to know about what the past clients of the agency think about the services provided by the agency.

Find out the Marketing Strategies of the Company: You should acquire an in-depth knowledge about the social media marketing strategies of the company. A reputable company not only targets the users of the popular social networking websites but at the same time utilizes the potential of video promotion, blogging, bookmarking and various other effective social media tools to promote a business.

Effectiveness of the Strategies Implemented: Try to assess the concerned agency ability to supervise if the strategies implemented for social media marketing are effective enough to increase the visibility of a business. The agency should be extremely keen about monitoring the results on every social media websites that it uses. You should also try to acquire knowledge about the reporting tools that the agency uses to keep you updated about the progress of your social media marketing project. You can talk to a social media consultant of the company to know about the strategies followed by the company.

Price: You should do a thorough market research to find out if the price quoted by the agency is reasonable. Make sure that the money you invest on your social media marketing campaign provides you with a good return on investment.

Customer Support: A reliable social media agency will offer round the clock customer support services. You need to ensure that if you approach the agency with specific queries, the agency should be able to provide you with instant and proper response. You also need to inquire about what communication platforms are used by the company.

Keep in mind that a reputable social media agency has a prominent presence in the social media world. You can search the social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to find if the concerned company has accounts in these sites. We are a top-notch social media agency in Sydney. You can talk to a social media consultant and know about the social media services we offer.